A smidgen of prevention is worth more than a bucketful of hacked pain.



If your website got hacked, suddenly disappeared, went offline or stopped working, would that have a significant impact on you?

How important is your website to your business ?

What if I were to tell you that there are approximately 6000 (yes, six thousand) automated hacking attempts on YOUR website EVERY. SINGLE. MINUTE.

ANY website can be hacked – even the most protected websites get hacked (think ..White House. Apple etc)

But you’re just a small business, you think you’re safe as you don’t have any important information on your website – WRONG!

Your website is just as important to a hacker as your Bank’s website.

Here’s why:

Hackers add code to your website that allows them to use it as a gateway to other websites – usually porn.

Think of those ‘spy’ movies you’ve seen where a hacker relays information and bounces it around the world and the good guys’ can’t find them…

That’s what they want your web site for… and you may not even know you’ve been hacked until your website disappears ( Google takes it down ) and you stop getting emails.

Your website security is not an automatic thing, its not a ‘get-it-and-forget-it’ scenario.

Who looks after your website security? ……… It doesn’t look after itself.

Your site needs regular maintenance to keep it as secure as it can be. Hackers look for vulnerabilities in the coding, thats why updates are important.

If you do get hacked then its likely going to cost you heaps $$$$.

In some (most) cases a complete re-build is cheaper than paying to clean it up and beg Google to re-consider it.

No one wants to lose data, lose money and lose time trying to recover from a hack.

A smidgen of prevention is worth more than a bucketful of hacked pain.

Call us today about a regular maintenance program to keep your web site updated and as protected as it can be.

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