6 Logo Design Mistakes That Can Cause Your Business To Fail.

A logo can make or break your business. It’s what gives your business its identity. It’s importance can not be overstated.

“One of the first items prospects will see, besides your name, is your logo.”

Every business, either big or small, needs a logo for recognition and to establish an identity.

However, not every business gets it right and there are some common mistakes to avoid as they can seriously affect your market and cause financial loss if they’re not right.

Avoid these 6 common logo mistakes:

1/ Doing it on the cheapy-cheap

Business owners often shy away from investing in a logo, as they don’t understand the value and the power of a strong market identity. This mistake can cause a business to fail.

Whilst, there are many websites providing logo designs for free or really cheap, these cheap jobs can end up being more expensive in the long-term.

And… never do your own unless you are a logo designer/ branding specialist… hire a professional.

Know that old adage ‘you only get what you pay for’  it’s absolutely true when it comes to logos!

You should be willing to invest in your business to get a good quality logo- after all it needs to carry your brand for the next 10- 20 years.. it’s pretty important to get it right from the start.


  • Designing your own logo ( at all costs) It’s akin to doing your own dentistry!
  • Getting it designed by an amateur

2/ Too simple or too complex

It’s true that simple logos are more memorable, (think Nike) but the market is changing which means changing logo requirements.

Today, logos need to be conceptual and unique. A logo is NOT an illustration of what the business does …or McDonald’s logo would be a burger and fries!

Logos can be abstract. However, being too abstract means it could be hard to understand and it won’t connect and be memorable.

Complex or overly detailed logos are hard to remember and often difficult to scale and print.


  • Too simple design
  • Too complex designs
  • Does not print well

3/ Copyright Issues

Whoever designs your logo, under Australian (and most other countries) laws, owns the Copyright of that logo.
When you receive the final logo files from whoever has designed it for you,  they should be accompanied by legal documents stating the use of the logo and the license of copyright.
You should have these documents in case you decide to trademark your logo and to ensure the designer ( friend, team member etc ) doesn’t come back at you several years down the track claiming breach of copyright.


4/ Quality of Files

Logos are used everywhere (web, print and embroidery on t-shirts etc) and in different sizes, so the final output files and image quality is important.

A logo should be created in vector format with special design software which uses mathematically precise points. Vectors are layered files that can scale to any size without loss of quality.

The cheap alternative is a .JPEG image. Jpegs are compressed files, usually with a white box background, are of low quality and can pixelate ( go blurry ) if the size is changed.


  • Logo as a raster image
  • Logo that cannot scale
  • Logo that lacks consistency when printed

5/ The Brand

A logo is more than just an image. It tells a story and must be able to effectively communicate the brand.
Without speaking at length with the designer about – the brand, the target market, the businesses position in the marketplace then a logo has no reflection on that business at all.


  • A disconnect between your brand and your logo

6/ Colours and Fonts

There is a whole psychology behing brand colours. A designer knows what will appeal to your target market demographic and what won’t.
For instance red, yellow, green or orange colors are thought to induce hunger. ( McD’s have it right eh? )
And, your logo should also look good in mono as well
Fonts need to be ‘readable’ and sturdy so they don’t disintegrate across different mediums. Maximum 2 fonts to a logo – please!


  • Too many fonts
  • Too many colors


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