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Your website is sitting there online…What is it doing?

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Many business owners think their website just ticks away in the background – attracting new visitors and generating new sales leads.

Oh, wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Your website is a little like your child- it needs feeding, looking after, caring for…

You CAN’T just send it out into the wilds of the unfriendly internet and hope it does what you expect……


When it’s time to consider ongoing website management…

  • You’ve forgotten about it!
  • You thought it looked after itself!
  • Intermittent updates, when you remember, can be costly.
  • Discovering your website has a glitch and isn’t displaying properly is frustrating.
  • You have no idea of your websites’ search engine friendliness.
  • Your social media isn’t connected to your website.
  • You don’t know if maintenance and updates are done on your server.
  • You don’t know if regular backups of your website are made.
  • You don’t know if your website has all the latest security…


A few years ago things were a bit different on the interwebs.

A good, well-built website with some SEO (search engine optimisation) would perform quite well, only requiring updates and maintenance maybe every six months or so.

Not now.

The digital space has advanced so much and exploded all over our lives – think smartphones, tablets, social media ….right now it’s hard to keep up.

This means for you the website owner, that your website will be losing traction by the minute if it isn’t ‘moving with the times’. And that means, it needs to be more dynamic with new content added regularly.

Static websites are now dropping in the ranking order – less visibility – less new leads!


A Dynamic Website

Rather than your website being ‘static’ and unchanging it needs to have regular updates. New info or new updates to your website is like ‘food’ to the search engines, they love it! And, if it’s done properly using the right keywords pertinent to your business, the search engines will keep ranking your website and offering it up to online searchers.. yay!

The social media platforms are also an important aspect of working in conjunction with your website.

And, there is more and more ‘website hacking’ by the minute. If your website has a vulnerability (even the FBI website gets hacked!) it’s only a matter of time until your website gets hacked too. Then your website is offline for days or banned by Google and it costs you lots to get it fixed.

  • Update your web security
  • Ensure there are ongoing backups
  • Clean up the website server as it gathers lots of c*#p just like your computer does
  • Update some information
  • Link your website to your social media
  • Perform some SEO


We may have built your original website, we may not have. And, we can offer to assume all ongoing aspects of the management and administration of your website.

Fully managed website packages may include:

  1. Monthly Updates – so you can change your website frequently if you want. This includes up to 5 new simple pages and 5 new blog posts as well as minor changes to text and images. Turn your website into an interactive and dynamic marketing tool for your business.
  2. Keyword focused on-page SEO – ensure your website is correctly indexed by reducing the possibility of search engines “guessing” what a page is about and which keywords should be indexed. Most web companies do not know how to do this. It’s a specialist discipline.
  3. Socially Enabled – it’s imperative to have some social media presence. We will connect your website with your social media accounts and add social buttons to pages and posts enabling visitors to like and share your content.
  4. Email Support – when your email is playing up we can assist you with your email connectivity.
  5. Security, Maintenance & Updates – a website getting hacked or hijacked with malicious code is because it isn’t being maintained. Hacking occurs due to out of date security measures.

*We have website management packages to suit  most business websites. We will firstly evaluate your website to determine which is best.