How To Vaccinate Yourself Against This Business Killing Disease

This disease can be quite nasty.
It can see the demise of many start-ups.. before they’ve even got off their chair.
It’s a terrible malady for any small business owner.
And, it can be a chronic mess for entrepreneurs.
I know. I get it. I’ve been there!

I once struggled with the ‘DIY.. It’s Cheaper To Do It Myself’ disease too.

When you’re starting a business it’s easy to think.. “That’s easy, I can do that myself and probably save myself a few $$$.”
And maybe you can.
But will the results really be what your business or your talent or your target market deserves?
DIY marketing is often slow and usually way off target.
It may be good, but usually it’s not.
And it comes with a huge opportunity cost.

What would you be doing if you weren’t:

  • Doing up a brochure in Word or Publisher?
  • Figuring out how to get your website to the top of the search engine rankings?
  • Wondering if that tattoo on your arm would make a good logo?
  • Writing a radio ad script?
  • Polling your friends and family to see if a freebie giveaway will help you get more business?

Maybe… you’d be closing new business or working on a new product idea.
Maybe… you’d be doing what you’re good at.

Instead, you’re tearing your hair out, trying to do something you know you can do ( Kinda, sorta), but shouldn’t.

Think about it…

  • If you loved doing up brochures, you would have studied graphic design at Uni.
  • I If you loved writing copy, you would have been a copywriter.
  • I If you were passionate about marketing, you would have chosen that field.

And you would have been darn good, I’m sure.

But you didn’t.

So hire someone that did and reap the rewards of their passion and expertise.
Then get back to running your business, which is what you do best, right?

Still stuck on the cost?

Think about the value of your business.

What will it take to realize the ROI of that project?

Often, it’s as little as one new customer.

Instead, you’re tearing your hair out, trying to do something you know you can do ( kinda, sorta, maybe…), but shouldn’t.



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