So You Think Advertising On Face Book Doesn’t Work?


If you’re trying to advertise on Facebook and not getting many results – then you probably haven’t got the basics right.

Here are the most common mistakes people make in trying to attract clients using FB ads ad how to avoid them.

1/ Determine who your ideal client is – advertising to everyone is a no-no. (Can’t catch 10 rabbits with one hand!)

2/ Get absolutely clear on your message and positioning.

3/ Encourage people to click through to a website landing page. (we call this a funnel)

a/ Target each funnel at only one type of target audience
b/  Focus on solving one problem
4/ Your landing page should have copy that talks to the person on an emotional level and demonstrate that you know about your audiences problem more than they know themselves.
5/ If you’re offering a lead magnet – a freebie download in exchange for their email address  then this freebie should offer a quick solution to their problem.

6/ Your landing page should include some trust factors – eg testimonials, credentials, your photo, etc

Once you have those things sorted, it will start to happen.


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