Stop Talking About Yourself & Give Me A Solution

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I’m looking for a solution to my problem.
BUT, Why would I call you, buy from you, if all you do is talk about your company ?
You talk about yourself, put your name and logo at the top, tell me what a good company you are –
how professional you are, how long you’ve been in business, what wonderful huge projects you’ve worked on.. so what!
What about me ?
What about my problems ?
Have you got a solution for me?
Do you understand or even want to understand the issues I’m having and need help with.
I’m your potential customer because I’ve got pain that I need fixed.
I’m your potential customer because I want to gain something to assist me in my life or my business.
So can your company fix my pain or help me gain?
Yes?  Then say it in your ads – and start understanding and addressing your customers problems.
Your response rate will soon increase.
Check yourself which ads you respond to,which you don’t and why..

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