Make the search engines work for YOU.

The real secret of your website lies in its search engine position.

SEO is a cost effective way of beating your competitors & attracting more visitors to your site. Your website needs Effective search engine strategy so that anyone can find you.

What will make search engines love your website?

Search engines, like Google and Yahoo! have their own way of looking at a site and deciding how high it should be ranked.

Search engines change their site ranking algorithms constantly and keep all this information a secret!

Getting a high ranking for your website is quite involved and maintaining that high rankings is an ongoing challenge. Hipfish have years of experience in this field and our cutting edge techniques can determine the SEO facts that search engines try to keep secret.

We can determine your rankings, including your site’s position in up to 642 search engines, the exact URL found, how many times a keyword is being searched, how powerful a keyword is, and lots more! Then we use that information to optimize your site.

When your website needs to be easily found on the internet, it needs to be ‘optimized’ so that the search engines like ‘GOOGLE’ can recognise it, index it and offer it up to people searching for your goods and services.

The (SEO) of your website

Search engine optimization

Without being ‘optimized’ your website may look good and function ok but may never be able to be found by an organic search. yet…

Hipfish specialise in SEO and we have a range of SEO plans to suit your budget. Whatever the size of your business, more traffic to your website is always a good thing and we have the perfect plan to improve your search engine ranking.

The more important your website is to your business , the more frequently you need it optimized.

If your website depends on search engines like Google and Yahoo! placements for traffic and sales, your search engine rankings are tied directly to your bottom line.

SEO can include…

[but is not limited to]

  • Research of search terms
  • Keyword/phrase analysis
  • SEO copywriting
  • Link building
  • Site map creation
  • Search engine & directory submissions
  • Article and newsletter submissions
  • Forum posting
  • Social networking