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Commercials: Why you need an advertising professional

Your TV Sales Rep is a great source of ideas but, sales is their area of expertise not advertising. The TV stations have great production teams who can follow directions & scripts and they have the technical knowledge to put a great ad together.

An Advertising Professional is someone who will sit with you – find out about your business, who your market is, what you are hoping to achieve from your ads & will constructively come up with ideas & storyboards that will get your messages across effectively & professionally.


People don’t watch a TV station, they watch specific TV programmes.. Consider buying time at several stations with similar programming so you can increase the repetition with your prospects.’

‘Bad ads are filled with information about what you like to say about your products. Good ads are loaded with information about what your satisfied customers say when you’re not around.

At Team Hipfish, we have many years of experience in advertising, copywriting, design & marketing both in Australia & internationally, who will create your ads to be visual, compelling, clear about your competitive advantage & professional looking to build your company.