Why no one talks about the lack of clients or sales your website brings in.

Do you hear a sad violin play when you think about your website?

You know it’s about as effective as an ashtray on a Harley.

You absolutely know that it could be better at doing its job, which is to

    • Your business…
    • Your team…
    • Your services…
As you get a load of this you’ll realise:

Hipfish, webpage, website, pixels, marketing and sales, Mackay, strategic planningIt’s not (just) about having a great product or service

It’s not (just) about having a super website

It’s about so much more.

But – let’s start here


Some of the most common deadly design sins that your website may be suffering from:
  • Complicated layout
  • Too hard to navigate
  • Overly formal, traditional, jargon infested
  • Wrong use of color
  • Blinding use of contrast
  • Heavy and hard to read
  • Too many diversions – pop-ups, sliders, movies etc.
  • Big chunks of text
  • No way of knowing the real people behind the business
  • Sloooowww to load
  • Non responsive
Are you beginning to see how frittering away the power in your pixels can be costly?

Here’s a few more things to consider…

# Is your value proposition buried deep in the bowels of your profile page when it should be in the most prominent in-your- face- can’t-miss-it-even-if-I-tried-to spot?

# Is the answer to “What is this website about, does it cater to my needs and how will I benefit here?’ obvious within the first 20 seconds of a visitor landing there?

# Have you got authority markers in place to demonstrate credibility?

# Are you helping your site visitors to take action with clear instructions on what they should do?


As I wrap up this article about some of the basics (yes, there’s lots more!) think about the competitive online world we all now inhabit and how just having a ‘whizz-bang website’ just won’t cut it anymore.


There’s strategy required for each page -and working out what that is comes way before your website gets near a web designer or developer.


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