Your Advertising – are you ‘spraying and praying’

You cannot happily pretend that “ads here, ads there, ads everywhere, brand your name and reach the audience” is all that’s needed. Bullpoo!

Maybe at one time there was no competition & a business could survive with bad advertising or worse still, bad customer service – any business without competition can do that.

Nowadays, just getting your name “out there” is not enough: you need to get results.

It’s really all about strategy..after all you can’t just outspend your competitors to get the business – yet you can outsmart them.

Businesses don’t suffer because they’re “reaching the wrong people.”

They suffer because they’re saying the wrong thing.

Ever noticed this….

it’s very hard to tell a powerful story badly and yet it’s easy to tell a weak story well. (go ahead, read that through again..)

At the heart of every good advertising campaign is a strong strategy, a powerful story that needs to be told (‘cos its hard to tell a powerful story badly – right )

That’s where we come in.

We don’t see any point in having great visuals without the back up of a strong ‘story’ with solid marketing messages.

Yes, we are designers, and yes, we are copywriters, marketing and advertising professionals too – they go hand in hand.

If you are looking to grow your business, we will develop a creative strategy that offers you the best advertising campaign for your products and services and maximizes your return on your advertising investment.

We’ll ensure your advertising can reach new markets, target existing customers, stand out from your competitors, be affordable yet effective.

We will give you the advantage over your competitors and the major players -so lets outsmart them!

‘Let them Know’ & ‘Full Exposure Combo’ Campaigns can Include

• Full Conceptual, Creative and Advertising Production Services
• Concept Development – Working closely with a professional Concept Marketing and Media Specialist to determine and implement creative ideas for getting your business noticed
• TV Ad Production – Professionally produced graphics/animated TV commercial. Includes creative development and, filming, all post production, Voice over, music, sound mix, TV submission and a DVD copy
• Graphic Design – Creating and coordinating the design and style elements of all your visual materials thereby offering a fully integrated theme across all media
• Copywriting – Professional scripting to use the right words to grab attention, gain interest, create desire and elicit a response from the viewer / listener

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