Content is King.. HUH?


Unless you’re a turnip farmer, lazily chewing on a piece of straw  pondering  the possibility of rain in the coming month and whether to turn another ‘nip or have a snooze whilst your scraggy haired dawg runs around, then it’s likely you’ve heard of some of these ‘new terms’ bandied around and wonder what they mean.

( I’m considering running off to become a turnip farmer. It’s like this perfect dream in my mind.. picture Scarecrow from  Wizard of OZ.. simple, easy life ..)

Meanwhile… business and digital stuff..

How about this term….‘Content is King’… >>>

You’ve heard of it but what the heck is it..? Really.

Here’s a bit of info to help you get your head around this one…

As a business owner, if you can share quality information (content) with your target market then they will see you as the ‘go-to-expert’ in your industry. Then they will start to develop trust and maybe engage you, buy your product or services.

It involves producing ‘content’ – just like I’m writing this right now on my laptop whilst slurping my morning coffee.

Don’t panic, I aint’ writing a novel – just a few handy pointers to get your grey matter in the game.

BUT…!  And yes it’s a big BUT… Your ‘content’ must be something that your target market will find useful (more about that later).

Then you can use this content in several ways.

1/ Add it as a blog piece on your website.
2/ Send it out via email to your database.
3/ Post it on social media. ( eg FB, LI, IG,)
4/ Make a video of yourself talking about it and post on You Tube with links to it via social media.
4/ Take the audio off the video and share it as a podcast.

One ‘iddy biddy’ piece of good content can be re-purposed in many ways.

The opportunity to gain new clients through creating and sharing content really depends on how well you connect with your audience. If you’re still doing those spammy ‘buy my stuff’ adverts then any audience you have will rapidly dwindle.

No more do we ‘push’ our businesses onto the market but instead we try and ‘pull’ our prospects to us – by sharing good, useful content with them.

But, I hear you say, ‘the online world is so busy’. Well, yes it is – but so is the offline world and online is currently where ‘it’s at’ – so pull up your big girl knickers and deal with it.

The kind of client attracting content you can share must be something that your prospects will find useful. Now here’s the snag – most business owners focus on telling the market about their business or what interests them, or what they ‘think’ will be of interest. Often, they’re wrong. Surprisingly.

Attracting prospects to you starts with figuring out what their pain points are. What concerns them, what do they worry about? If you can address these topics, alleviate some pain, then you are onto a finger-licken-chicken-dinner-winner.

Discovering pain points: Use social media and join groups where your target market hangs out. Watch for discussions around their difficulties or concerns.

Visit and search here too – it’s a great source for info.

When you put the needs/wants of your target market first, then getting them as a lead and then a client is so much easier.

It’s not instant and it does take a while to build up trust and rapport but it is well worth it.

Or you can join me – and run away to snooze in a veggie patch instead.

Lyn Yaworsky

A marketing strategist who works with business owners keen to progress their business by positioning their offerings to attract floods of ‘hungry’ customers. Lyn supports spinach as a food group and Game of Thrones as educational television.

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