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9 Tips on Twitter for Business

Twittering for growing your business – tips on how to engage your customers and clients [+ read more]

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So You Think Advertising On Face Book Doesn’t Work?

If you’re trying to advertise on Facebook and not getting many results – then you probably haven’t got the basics right. Here are the most common mistakes people make in trying to attract clients using FB ads ad how to...
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The Good, the Bad and The Ugly of Social Media

Social Media allows you to easily and effectively engage customers, promote your products and services, and develop an online interactive brand that can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Good… Social media offers your business...
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How To Run A Facebook Competition in Queensland-Legally.

    If you’re thinking of promoting your business on Facebook by running a competition, then there are a couple of things to consider. Important things. 1/ A competition on Facebook must be held in accordance with Queensland Government regulations...
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Social Media and Your Small Business. Do You Really Need It ?

‘Businesses who are not using social media within the next 3 to 5 years will not survive.’  according to leading professionals. You’ve heard that you should be using Social Media, but you’re finding it a bit daunting. You know you...
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Seven Tips to Secure Your Facebook Account

Secure Your Facebook Account and Protect Your Vital Business Info Is your Facebook business page safe? Are you putting your business at risk or allowing access to secret info like your private messages and advertising account details? An acquaintance of...
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Social Media -The Good, The Bad & The Ugly..

Social media like anything has many facets. Some of them you may not be aware of, yet as an employer perhaps you should be. The Good…the likeable bit… Social media offers your business the opportunity to experience greater revenue, increased...
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Tweets Now Searchable on Google…Yes!

Tweets Will Now Be Searchable on Google More than 60 percent of all Internet users choose Google as their search engine of choice. Twitter and Google have joined forces have now reached an agreement to have all tweets automatically indexed.... Continue reading
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Have Fun With Facebook Graph Search

You probably had no idea that you could do this with Facebook … it’s so cool! If you are new to ‘somewhere’…..a job, school, college, town … You can easily find useful information like… hairdressers, accountants, places to visit, people...
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Spice up Your Facebook/Blog Imagery – its easy!

Photo-editing – on the Cheap! Yes! No Photoshop or expensive  programmes needed…. You can edit photos in under 10 minutes without spending a cent….. Check out this review of PicMonkey! Turn those boring images into interesting, visual masterpieces for your...
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