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When Your Website Vanishes – Who Ya Gonna Call…

What’s worse than your website suddenly disappearing from the Internet?     How about: Not knowing who to call when it happens! Website hosting and being a Webmaster is all about service, comfort, dependability and capability – in a technology...
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SEO is a cost effective way of beating your competitors & attracting more visitors to your site.

The real secret of your website lies in its search engine position. Your website needs effective search engine strategy so that anyone can find you.
What will make search engines love your website?[+ read more]

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What is SEO and how does it matter?

SEO is a cost effective way of beating your competitors and attracting more visitors to your website. It gets your business websites well placed in Google ….[+ read more]

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Why does Google like some websites more than others?

Google and other search engines need to fully understand what your website is about. Once they’ve got that worked out, they rank it’s order of importance and relevancy in that field of information. A website that is “optimized” ( called...
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A smidgen of prevention is worth more than a bucketful of hacked pain.

  If your website got hacked, suddenly disappeared, went offline or stopped working, would that have a significant impact on you? How important is your website to your business ? What if I were to tell you that there are...
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How Does My Website Get Ranked By Google?

A Common Question About Your Website Ranking. Let’s start with how the search engines actually work. When a user types a word or a phrase into a search engine, the search engine looks at every possible website for matching results...
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Your Website Not Getting Customers – Was It All For Peanuts?

You opened up a store or an office in your town. On opening day you pulled up your chair and waited for customers to come rushing through the doors with their hard earned dollars. You sat in that chair for...
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Aging Website ? …Google May Dump You!

How does your website display on a smart device? If your website was built a more than 2-3 years ago, chances are it’s not mobile friendly or ‘Googlemobile’ and it seriously needs to be now!   Listen to our interview...
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Why A Powerful Title is Important To You & Your Business…

When someone new I meet very politely asks me “What should I call you?” I usually stick my tongue firmly into my cheek and say “Your Majesty” will be fine. It’s a great ice breaker. It gets a little of...
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Is Heartbleed Affecting You?

I am talking about the internet bug that can expose your private info, passwords, financial details etc This bug is running over the internet on websites using OpenSSL. It isn’t a virus as such but it’s a flaw, albeit a...
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