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Taglines: How Your Business Can Benefit From a Memorable Slogan

A tagline is the phrase that helps people link your name to your brand message. Taglines translate your positioning statement  into a marketing statement meant to serve as a customer magnet. Taglines come in essentially two types, descriptive and expressive....
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Google – great name, so catchy but does it mean anything ?

Google – great name, so catchy but does it mean anything ? Yep, it sure does! It’s a play on the word Googol, the mathematical term for a 1 followed by 100 zeros and a reflection of Google’s vision to...
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10 Common Mistakes People Make in Naming a Company

Your company name influences how people think, feel and react to your brand. Some things to consider are..

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Time to Iron those Business Cards!

There are some who work all the hours they can, bust their guts week in week out…slaving away to earn just enough to pay the bills. Having their own business is just not how they imagined it would be when...
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Branding Takes Away Our Choices – And That’s A Good Thing!

YES! YES! YES! Branding creates customer loyalty! If done right, branding is what keeps customers coming back for more! Your branding can mean that when a person needs to buy a vacuum, and lets face it, it doesn’t happen that...
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