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BELIEVE ME. AIN’T NO ONE..   …NO ONE I TELL YOU Ever…..ever… gonna complain that your writing is TOO EASY to understand. Whenever you write *anything* to help promote your business – say..a web page, a Facebook post, an advert,...
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Your Advertising – are you ‘spraying and praying’

You cannot happily pretend that “ads here, ads there, ads everywhere, brand your name and reach the audience” is all that’s needed. Bullpoo!

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Stop Talking About Yourself & Give Me A Solution

I’m looking for a solution to my problem. BUT, Why would I call you, buy from you, if all you do is talk about your company ? You talk about yourself, put your name and logo at the top, tell...
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Get the best $ Value from your advertising

In whatever media your ads are presented, you need to get your sales message across effectively, this is where AIDA can help you…[+ read more]

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Inspiring Exhibition Expo Stands

EXPO STANDS Need some inspiration for your stand at the next expo you attend. Here’s some expo stand examples EXPO STANDS   Contact us for help with your signage and expo decals
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Wasting Your Money on Adverts That Don’t Work. Enough already!

Ads That Don’t Work. Most ads, whether in print, TV, radio or social media… would put a screaming toddler to sleep during the first sentence because they are about as engaging as a cold wet nappy! Your ability to connect...
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Creative, Funny, Clever Inspirational Ads

clever ads
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9 Words You Must Keep Out of Your Ads – But only, if You Want to Get a Response

Are your ads well worded or puffed up with weak willed wimpy phrases…

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Adverts & Commercials: Why you need an advertising pro!

Your TV Sales Rep is a great source of ideas but, sales is their area of expertise not advertising. The TV stations have great production teams who can follow directions & scripts and they have the technical knowledge to put...
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Push & Pull Your Way Into Your Customers Hearts

With the huge surge into the digital marketplace, we’re moving more now into PULL marketing tactics rather than the traditional PUSH tactics. Push Tactics: This is the traditional way that companies would ‘push’ their marketing messages onto us.. Adverts…in your...
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