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BELIEVE ME. AIN’T NO ONE..   …NO ONE I TELL YOU Ever…..ever… gonna complain that your writing is TOO EASY to understand. Whenever you write *anything* to help promote your business – say..a web page, a Facebook post, an advert,...
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Why no one talks about the lack of clients or sales your website brings in.

Do you hear a sad violin play when you think about your website? You know it’s about as effective as an ashtray on a Harley. You absolutely know that it could be better at doing its job, which is to...
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10 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Compete On Price

When it comes to your fees…. Have you ever been tempted to compete on price to give your business a little boost? Then  THINK AGAIN – undercutting your competition to win more business will create ‘waaaaaaaay’ more problems than it...
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When Your Website Vanishes – Who Ya Gonna Call…

What’s worse than your website suddenly disappearing from the Internet?     How about: Not knowing who to call when it happens! Website hosting and being a Webmaster is all about service, comfort, dependability and capability – in a technology...
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Your Advertising – are you ‘spraying and praying’

You cannot happily pretend that “ads here, ads there, ads everywhere, brand your name and reach the audience” is all that’s needed. Bullpoo!

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SEO is a cost effective way of beating your competitors & attracting more visitors to your site.

The real secret of your website lies in its search engine position. Your website needs effective search engine strategy so that anyone can find you.
What will make search engines love your website?[+ read more]

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Stop Talking About Yourself & Give Me A Solution

I’m looking for a solution to my problem. BUT, Why would I call you, buy from you, if all you do is talk about your company ? You talk about yourself, put your name and logo at the top, tell...
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9 Tips on Twitter for Business

Twittering for growing your business – tips on how to engage your customers and clients [+ read more]

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What is SEO and how does it matter?

SEO is a cost effective way of beating your competitors and attracting more visitors to your website. It gets your business websites well placed in Google ….[+ read more]

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